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New Romance

We all love the changing of the seasons and all the surprises that are in store, the flowers are blooming and bring luxurious color to our world, our hearts are opening as we look for love, romance and hot partnerships. In the months of summer we are more available to meet the opposite sex as we are spending more time outdoors attending events, traveling and enjoying the summer, but we are also open to many dangers as well.

As it is a wonder time of year, we must be open to other things this time has to offer as well. We meet people and our minds and hearts are open after a long cold winter and we tend to think we are somewhat bulletproof to all the dangers associated with this new found adventure. Granted, that tender embrace, that sweet sensual kiss and that night of fiery passion may have been great at the time but will the possible “gift” you were given be worth all that fun and excitement? Somehow, I think not!

Lets review some tips that

Must know about Dating Mistakes

Do you know what dating mistakes you have made? Do dating mistakes hold your relationship back? And, do mistakes like these get forgotten later on? Dating mistakes are simply things that you just don’t do right. To avoid them, though, you have to know what your partner considers a dating mistake.

Open communication is a must and this is often the worst dating mistake you can make. Talk about what you want, need, and expect in your dating relationship. Dating mistakes of this nature often lead to misunderstanding and dating can even end here.

Don’t expect too much, either. Don’t put high standards and expect your dating relationship to survive. Understanding the other person’s need is so important in dating. Don’t underestimate and don’t over estimate your date.

Don’t lie. This dating mistake will leave you out on the street!

Trust your date. If you ever plan to build a relationship, trust must be something you and your date have.

Don’t forget your date’s feelings. The most successful dating relationships are centered on people

Tricks Get a Date

Before you approach a girl or women, you need to know a few obvious formalities. Be clean – be sure you are wearing attractive cologne, clean clothes, and fresh breath. Woman notice the smallest details, so bad breath or B.O. will be one of the first impressions of you and you don’t want that. Depending on what kind of girl you want to go after, you should always wear clean, fitting clothes; stains or overlarge clothes are a indication of what kind of lifestyle you live and you want to give her the best impression possible. Right before you approach her, you should put your confident but not cocky and witty but not corny cap on because that is the next thing that girls will be attracted to after your looks.

The Actual Date. Be a gentleman, open the door for her, take her coat and be considerate. This will be an indication to her that you care about her and that you know how to treat a woman. Take her out somewhere where both of you enjoy going. Having the same common interests is important

Get a Boyfriend

First, if you do not already know him, then introduce yourself. If he is interested in you enough to want to get to know you better himself, he will add in some women conversation eventually.
Show him interest in his life.
Make it easy for him to be friendly and talkative with you, but not overpowering.
Invite him to a party… but not just to make out with him or anything, be friendly with him alone until he makes it clear that he really likes you, and wants to be around you.
At this point, just be yourself and let things unwind themselves.

Here is some simple women lifestyle personality dating tips :
If the person you like is shy, then be very gentle to him but admire him for his strengths, few men can resist being told how manly they are unless the girl who tells them is one they are very uninterested in.
Do not be afraid, if you feel you can go up to him without him bashing your heart against the wall (whether on purpose or not) and you notice his seeming interest in you, then you are probably okay.


Info about Dating Rules

Never flirt with other men while you are on a date – The cardinal sin of any first date is to flirt with other men in the presence of your date. Do not do it. If you are trying to get your date to see that you can attract other men, flirting with other men in front of him is not the way to do it. It is disrespectful and conveys that you are shallow and untrustworthy. Your date will feel that if you have the gall to flirt now, when you are supposed to be on your best behavior, what will happen when you get hitched up? Most men wouldn’t want to find out.

Never bring up your ex-boyfriend unless he asks you – Let your past remain in the past, unless your date wants to find out why you broke up with your ex-boyfriend. Never compare your ex with your date, nor refer to something someone else did as something that your ex would do. It simply shows that you have not gotten over him.

Do not ask your date how much money he makes – This is definitely a no-no. It shows that

Tactics Approach Women

Before we proceed, it is good to take note of your dressing. Do ensure that you are always neatly dressed. You need not be garbed in designer labels but rule of the thumb is to look neat and pleasant. Check out the scenarios below:

A lady is sitting in a cozy eatery reading a book while waiting for her dinner to be served. There’s something about her that catches your eye and you walked up to her and said hello. When she looked up, she saw a smiling, neat and casually dressed gentleman.

 A lady is sitting in a cozy eatery reading a book while waiting for her dinner to be served. There’s something about her that catches your eye and you walked up to her and said hello. When she looked up, she saw a smiling, unkempt guy with five o’clock shadow stubble on your chin and shirt that looked like he had slept in it.

In scenario 1, lady would most probably return the guy’s greeting with a smile but she would definitely be on guard and feel defensive in scenario

2. These are simple scenarios that show the impact of your appearance in

All about Breaking Up

The next thing to do is to focus on other aspects of life. If you’re in school, focus hard on your studies, and challenge yourself to the limit. Have a job’ Try really hard at your job, put in the overtime. The key thing to do is to achieve something to be proud of. Once you’ve done this, you will end up feeling better about yourself. Maybe you’ve even forgot about the breakup, or the memory is just a very vivid one. And if you’re still feeling like crap, you might want to try something different.

There comes a time when life goes on. Perhaps you’re ready to step outside of your protective shell of your previous relationship. Your heart is still broken yes, but it’s slowly healing itself. Ask a couple of friends to go to a movie with you, hang around the mall, and other friendly events such as those. And if you’re ready, you can start to look for other relationships. Mind me, if you’re not ready, then by all means, continue with working hard at school or work, and going to friendly events. But if you are, and you’ll know when you are,

Mending a Broken Heart

he Hurting Stage

Symptoms: This is the hurting stage. It’s where you are now. It’s your heart’s way of telling you that you have just experienced the worse kind of hurt there is. You cry, you’re depressed and you have no idea how you are going to live without him/her. You leave messages on his answering machine and text him to the point where you are becoming psycho. You drive by his house in the wee early morning to see if his vehicle is still at his house or he is – gulp – off with another woman. You drive by where he works and contemplate going in and crying your eyeballs out to let him know this has hurt you beyond repair. You either eat tremendous amounts of comfort food or you don’t eat at all and your health suffers. You cry on your co-worker’s shoulders and hope they can help you get out of this mess. You are, essentially, gone and a hopeless mess.

How to cope: Now more than ever would be a good time to hang out with friends and watch a few comedies, even though you just aren’t up to it.

Tips Make Dating Experience be Wonderful

Online dating is one of the most popular way to meet a partner of your choice. This way is catering the people from all walks of life and interests. It is a process to create sweet experiences for all who are looking for a serious relationship. It is a serious game and one should not take it lightly. It is like all the other games where you are required to plan to win. You have to make a plan and play by the rule to win your dream dating partner.

Your dating must have a purpose and should be focused on what you are really looking for. There is no end of dating but the purposeful end of dating is to get married to the dating partner. As it is a serious game, you can lose easily if you would not plan. So, to win yourself a dating partner, you should:

• Take it as a game
• Make your game plan accordingly
• Write and focus on your purpose
• Just learn the rules as early as possible

You have to stay positive if you want to get something out of your dating. Do

Proper Kissing Etiquette

There is one other thing most people would agree on. That is proper kissing preparation. As outlined in my book “the Ultimate Online Dating Handbook” you must prepare before any kiss is attempted. Follow these steps for a blissful first (or any time) kiss.

– Always, always brush your teeth first. Use mouthwash for even fresher breath.

– If you’re out, carry gum or mints with you to freshen your breath.

– If your lips are dry apply a little chapstick.

– Ladies if you wear heavy layered lipstick, take it down a layer to two.

– Guys a few quick strokes with the razor will work wonders on that stubble.

– Guys with beards or moustaches will want to check for the days left overs in the hair.

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and kiss that gorgeous creature beside you, remember that a poorly executed kiss could be the kiss of death. So be aware of these kissing no-nos.

– Never lung at your date.

– Don’t approach with a gaping open mouth.

– Don’t stick out your tongue.

– Don’t aim immediately for

Gain Her Trust

1. Trust Without Attraction = “He’s a great friend and I love him to death!” (Translation: “We’ll NEVER have sex!”)

2. Attraction Without Trust = “I’m not a loose woman. He’ll have to wait before he gets any!”

However, if the woman has both attraction AND trust for the guy, she’ll be literally begging you to take her home with you that night.

Let’s take a typical scenario. Say it’s coming up on 11 PM, and you’ve been with a woman since 6 that afternoon. As long as you’ve had good rapport with her and you’ve kept pushing the interaction forward, you can assume she’s attracted to you.

And by the way, with a woman, you should always assume attraction until proven otherwise. Because the bottom line is that as long as you’ve got good body language, you’ve got a lot going on in your life, and you’re witty and interesting, she WILL be attracted to you.

Now you need to build trust. By the time you finish this article, you’ll know an easy, efficient way to do that.

And by the way, this is a one of the best-kept secrets of

Be More Romantic

One word: Flowers (for either a male or a female).
Wear good cologne/perfume.

Send a card just because.

Light a fire in the fireplace, if you have one, or a bonfire on a beach, if it is legal.

Light candles–and lots of them.

Put on soft music. We recommend classical, jazz or instrumental. (This doesn’t mean playing acid rock softly.)

Make dinner and serve it on the good china.

Go to a restaurant that has a pianist, violinist, cellist, etc.

Turn off your cell phone and pager during your date.

 Use a softer, indoor voice and say sweet things.


Read poetry together.

Go to the symphony, ballet, or whenever your partner wants to go.

Go ballroom dancing.

Don’t mention sports, the kids, work or any kind of troubles for the whole evening.

Take a carriage ride.

Steps Flirt With Girls

Enjoying yourself while flirting is the first important tip. As with dating if you are too tense you have a higher chance of screwing up. Also, women are more likely to be attracted to men who are relaxed rather than tensed up about having a simple conversation with them.

Showing off your personality is a big part of how to flirt with girls. Don’t be like the other guys and fall for using the same old pick up lines over and over again thinking that if you use it enough some girls will fall for it eventually. Jokes and tricks are well and good when you’re trying to approach women but make sure that you add your own unique flavor to it.

Stay calm and collected when you’re flirting with girls. A charming collected guy is sexy and a desperate loser is not. Remember that flirting is not the be-all of dating and one girl rejecting you is not the end of the world. If you’re going to be a good flirt you have to be light hearted about things

Try to show off your charms and sense of humor when you are flirting with

All about Dating Box

Making contact online, you first have to find people that interest you by searching the dating website’s membership. Online the dating box is literal, as you have to fill in web forms to find potential dates. Most dating sites give you two ways to search – quick or advanced. Quick searches are just that – they’re small web forms that let you search based on just a few criteria, like location or age. Advanced searches are larger web forms that let you search using lots of more specific criteria, like hair color, eye color, education, body type and more.

Just remember that the more criteria that you use for your searches, the fewer results you’ll get. Searches are unforgiving – they’ll return exactly what you ask for. We call them “harsh numbers”. When you choose an age range of, let’s say, 30-39, the person who just turned 40 will not show up in the search results. If you want to find someone with light brown hair, those great dark brown haired people…like me…will be cast aside.

Also, many sites let you use keywords as part of the search criteria. This allows a search for words in

Ways to Catch His Eye

We all want to be this woman but how? It’s simple. We’ve already heard the cliché term “beauty comes from within” but the beauty within won’t get you that hot guy to notice you.

So now, we are faced with a challenge. What attracts guys? Why do almost all guys drool over Angelina Jolie, but just think that Jennifer Garnier is “cute?” We’ve all seen Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards and wonder what is it about these women?? It’s simple. All you need is that one dress that’s short but not too short. That reveals a little but leaves the rest to the imagination. Remember that the following information is steered toward getting that man that you’ve been eyeing. This information should not be used daily.

The rule to finding a hot mini dress is that you should focus on one and ONLY one part of your body to show off. It is important that if you are showing off those sexy long legs of yours with a short flowing skirt or a tight hip hugging skirt, you SHOULD NOT wear a low cut shirt on top.

The next important rule is color.

Must Respect and Honour

If you are Asian and are seeking a serious relationship with a man or woman from your ethnic culture, you will need to take into consideration that every move you make could be watched carefully by your partner’s family, who may very well act as the third party to your date. With this in mind, here are a few tips you will want to think about when you begin dating:

Make an Impression – Be on your best behaviour. Listen to your date, create casual conversation, and be accommodating and thoughtful.

Treat your Date with Respect – Remember the saying “treat others as you would like to be treated”, well this is when it really counts. Be considerate and patient, even if you find the topic of conversation to be of little interest to you. You should acknowledge what is important to your date and respect it.

Give them space – You don’t want to come on too strong in the relationship, as this could either scare off your date, or make him or her jump to wrong conclusions. Creating a comfortable dating experience is the best way for you to discover if what you

Benefit be Shy Guy

Being shy can work for you at first, but it won’t get you what you want in the long run. Women want a man to be confident and assertive. Then they can be a woman! If you don’t step up to the plate, you’ll bring out the “mother” in them and be relegated to the “friends” category. You’ll have lots of female companionship, but no romance.

So keep in mind a little boy you’ve seen recently, and avoid doing the things that little boys do with their moms – they ask permission, they worry about pleasing her, they never take initiative, they aren’t spontaneous, they don’t know what they want, and they expect to be taken care of.

You don’t need any of that, so make sure you aren’t giving the wrong impression.

Dating is frustrating to everyone. I coach men and women both, around emotional intelligence, dating and relationships, and I hear the same thing from both sexes. It’s frustration, rejection, confusion, and mystery until it works out, and it will. No one knows what’s going on, so just hang in there. Men that have a lot of bravado are just covering it up.

Work on The Similarities

For a couples to remain together, there has got to be something similar between both. Similar liking, interest, characteristic… The more the similarities there is between the both of you, the better the chances of a development of a further relationship there will be.

What are the similarities between both that you can work on? First of all, the physical appearance of course. Your physical appearance is the very first thing that catches a person’s eyes, the eyes of that special someone. Take note of the type of dressing style he or she likes? How is he or she normally dressed? A trendy and hip? Casual and sporty? Smart casual? Try to dress so, dress in the style he or she would like. Think about it, if you were someone who is very concern with the neatness and cleanliness of your physical appearance, would you like someone who is always so shabbily dressed?
Naturally, a person would tend to enjoy the company of another who generally dresses similar to that of him or herself. Don’t you find it so within your usual group of click?

Next would be the hobbies and interest. What sports does he

Tips Impress a Woman

1) He tries to only say “cool” things, or things that will “impress” the woman.

2) He acts nervous and stilted during the conversation… sometimes coming across as “formal”.

3) He tries to figure out what the woman wants to hear.

4) If he says something that the woman doesn’t like, he “back-pedals” and tries to change what he said to suit the woman.

5) He doesn’t say anything “risky”, doesn’t tease the woman, and doesn’t do anything to upset her.

Surprisingly enough, those are big turn-offs to women. There are 5 things that you need to remember to impress a female on a first date. Remember to shower, put on fresh deodorant and cologne before going on a date. One of the biggest turn-offs for a woman is when their date smells bad!

1) Keep it casual. Always try to be polite, but don’t come across as being formal. Open the door for her, pull out her chair so she can sit and push her in. If eating at a restaurant, ask her how her food is and if her beverage gets low, make sure to call the waiter/waitress to get

Self discovery

With the wisdom of Y.O.U., you will acquire a heightened awareness of what lies in the obvious. All too often we dismiss what stands right before us. In today’s world we are in such a state of information overload and bombardment that we can’t see the forest for the trees. This means it’s very easy to overlook the man of your dreams; the one that the universe put on this planet for you to connect with. He essentially gets lost in the chaos of this lifetime’s mind chatter. The Ancient Wisdom of Matchmaking will teach you how to clear the room so you can see him standing before you.

You may be asking, “What sets this body of information apart from other profiling systems? How does this differ from Meyers-Briggs, Littauer and Jungian theories of personality typing? Where does this intersect with Carolyn Myss’ archetypes and John Gray’s Mars Venus analysis? The answer is simple. Y.O.U. is objectively you upon discovery. Other typing systems are layers of refinement that clothe and enhance the body of Y.O.U.

Body Typing is one of five revealing aspects used in the once highly revered process of Matchmaking. We refer to