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Ways to Catch His Eye

We all want to be this woman but how? It’s simple. We’ve already heard the cliché term “beauty comes from within” but the beauty within won’t get you that hot guy to notice you.

So now, we are faced with a challenge. What attracts guys? Why do almost all guys drool over Angelina Jolie, but just think that Jennifer Garnier is “cute?” We’ve all seen Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards and wonder what is it about these women?? It’s simple. All you need is that one dress that’s short but not too short. That reveals a little but leaves the rest to the imagination. Remember that the following information is steered toward getting that man that you’ve been eyeing. This information should not be used daily.

The rule to finding a hot mini dress is that you should focus on one and ONLY one part of your body to show off. It is important that if you are showing off those sexy long legs of yours with a short flowing skirt or a tight hip hugging skirt, you SHOULD NOT wear a low cut shirt on top.

The next important rule is color. Research has shown that the color red is what catches a man’s attention. Researchers say that this is due to the fact that subconsciously men connect this color to sex. If you find red too bold to wear, steer toward less bold colors. It is important to stay away from pastels, as they steer toward the “cute” look.

This advice should be followed when going out at night. Walk out during the day to the supermarket or to work in a short mini dress and you might get tons of stares but this type of attention is not the type that attracts men. This is one of the most important lessons that readers could ever learn. Beautiful women are beautiful because they know that different occasions require different looks. Master this, and you will soon be the woman in the bar that all other women want to be and all men want to talk to.